Missing Doubletree Hotel Security Video Footage

Posted: April 28, 2011 in General

When the FBI released the security video footage to Judicial Watch in 2006, it came in the form of 10 DVD’s. The security system in use on September 11, 2001 had the capacity to record 11 security cameras, but Jill Farrell of JW explained that the FBI told them that only 10 cameras were actually hooked up and recording. Farrell was kind enough to forward the DVD set to the author in 2007 for analysis and they have since been donated to the Arlington County Public Library Virginia Room for public access.

However, as the author reconstructed the multiplexer sequence it was discovered that indeed an 11th camera was connected and recording. The 10 cameras provided had only 3 with exterior views and those have been archived on the internet for public access.

DT camera #1 – located on west service drive facing south
DT camera #6 – located on east service drive facing north
DT camera #9 – located on north side of building facing north

The remainder are from the interior or parking garage interior. Fortunately the original was stored on a VHS tape which was prone to frequent tracking errors. This resulted in the fields adjacent to one another to cross-over during playback. Here are some recovered frames from the camera that the FBI asserts was ‘not hooked up’.

The images are from the camera located in the rooftop restaurant imaged below.

The author challenged the FBI with the results of the reconstruction (including the recovered images above) in 2007, however the FBI responded with a ‘no records’ response supported by an administrative appeal.

The author has not pursued the issue further simply because due to the light over-exposure from the panoramic windows nothing definitive can be observed outside, thus limiting the value of the video for event reconstruction purposes. However, it is curious that the FBI is so adamant that it was not recording when it clearly was. Certainly an issue others might wish to pursue.

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