No, I am not the John Farmer, who served as the 911 Commission Senior Counsel. However, that John Farmer was kind enough to mention my research in footnote #290 of his book, The Ground Truth.

I began my research into the events of September 11, 2001 shortly after reading the 911 Commission Report back in 2004. At about the same time, a number of conspiracy theories permeated the internet and some, especially those related to the Pentagon attack seemed rather persuasive. By 2006, the National Transportation and Safety Board began to release its records regarding American Airlines flight 77. Those records only further propagated the speculation since the flight data recorder had numerous irregularities at the end of flight. After obtaining the radar records from the US Air Force 84 RADES in 2007, it soon became apparent that the flight data recorder was missing the final seconds of flight data.

As more information became available from the Federal Aviation Administration and other government sources, a much better record of the flight began to emerge. When I attended the opening of the Pentagon Memorial in 2008, I came across the marker for Zoe Falkenberg which made my research personal. On board American Airlines flight 77, Zoe had been a passenger along with her father, mother and little sister. It was no longer some arbitrary American Airlines flight that I was researching, it was Zoe’s Flight.

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